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Neal Hot Springs


Neal Hot Springs is located in Eastern Oregon near the town of Vale, the county seat of Malheur County. The Neal Hot Springs facility achieved commercial operation on November 16, 2012, and is designed as a 22 megawatt net annual average power plant. The facility consists of three separate 12.2 megawatt (gross) modules, with each module having a design output of 7.33 megawatts (net) annual average, based on a specific flowrate and temperature of the geothermal brine.

For the fourth quarter of 2016, generation was 57,036 megawatt-hours with an average of 26.3 net megawatts per hour of operation and plant availability was 98.2%. For the same period in 2015, the plant generated 52,641 megawatt-hours with an average of 24.1 net megawatts per hour and plant availability was 97.6%. The total annual generation for 2016 was 179,559 megawatt-hours compared to 176,871 megawatt-hours for 2015.

The PPA for the project was signed on December 11, 2009 with the Idaho Power Company. It has a 25-year term, and a variable percentage annual price escalation. The PPA has a seasonal pricing structure that pays 120% of the average price for four months (July, August, November, December), 100% of the average price for five months (January, February, June, September, October) and 73.3% of the average price for three months (March, April, May). The annual average price paid under the PPA for 2016 was $109.27 per megawatt-hour and for 2017 the price has increased to $111.83 per megawatt-hour.


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