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Operating Power Plants

San Emidio


The Unit I power plant at San Emidio is located approximately 100 miles north-east of Reno, Nevada near the town of Gerlach, and achieved commercial operation on May 25, 2012. The San Emidio facility is a single 14.7 megawatt (gross) module, with a design output of 9 megawatts (net) annual average based on a specific flow and temperature of geothermal brine.

For the fourth quarter of 2016, generation was 20,803 megawatt-hours with an average of 9.6 net megawatts per hour of operation and plant availability was 98.2%. For the same period in 2015, the plant generated 20,369 megawatt-hours with an average of 9.4 net megawatts per hour and plant availability was 98.2%. The total annual generation for 2016 was 75,049 megawatt-hours compared to 79,539 megawatt-hours for 2015.

On June 1, 2011, an amended and restated PPA was signed with Sierra Pacific Power Company d/b/a NV Energy for the sale of up to 19.9 megawatts of electricity on an annual average basis from two units. The option for the second unit expired in December 2015. The PPA has a 25-year term with a base price of $89.75 per megawatt-hour, and an annual escalation rate of 1 percent. The annual average price paid under the PPA for 2016 was $93.01 per megawatt-hour and for 2017 the price has increased to $93.94.


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