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The Geysers


The WGP Geysers project is located in the broader Geysers geothermal field located approximately 75 miles north of San Francisco, California. The broader Geysers geothermal field is the largest producing geothermal field in the world generating more than 850 megawatts of power for more than 30 years. Acquisition of the WGP Geysers Project from Ram Power was completed on April 22, 2014 for $6.4 million. We expect that approximately 75% of the development may be funded by non-recourse project debt, with the remainder funded through equity financing. We anticipate the project qualifying for the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, which when monetized can meet most of the equity financing requirements.

The Conditional Use Permit from Sonoma County, which approves the construction plan for the WGP Geysers power plant, was received on December 16, 2016. Combined with the Large Generator Interconnection Agreement that was received from the California Independent System Operator and Pacific Gas & Electric, this completes the long lead permits and agreements that are needed for the project. Once final engineering design is finished, and a PPA is executed, an air quality permit and building permit will be needed before on site construction will begin.

We received the signed Large Generator Interconnection Agreement for the project on March 6, 2016 with the California Independent System Operator and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). This agreement allows the project to connect to the transmission grid and deliver up to 35 megawatts of energy. The Company has paid the total interconnection cost of $1.9 million for the grid operator’s portion of the work in the substation. An additional 1.7 mile long transmission line will be required to connect from the plant to the substation. PG&E has undertaken engineering studies to determine the cost for the line.

Based on flow test data generated from well flow testing performed in mid-2015, a third party expert reported in September 2015, that the four production wells already drilled are capable of delivering an initial capacity of 28.1 MW (gross) or 25.4 MW (net) based on current power plant steam conversion rates from a detailed design for a 28.8 MW (net) power plant. These tests show the wells would initially produce a combined total of 458,000 pounds per hour. Using the average steam production rate from these wells and an assumed interference factor of 30%, the third party expert estimates that an additional two to three production wells would be needed to support the long term operation of a 28.8 MW (net) plant.

Recent discussions have been held with a number of potential power purchasers in California for the generation from the WGP Geysers plant and are continuing. Interest has been expressed by a number of them for base load, renewable power to replace fossil fuel based power generation that is being phased out of some of their portfolios.


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