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Employees submitting concerns regarding conflicts of interest, ethics violations, and questionable accounting or auditing matters are complying with the Company's Code of Ethics. The Company will not permit retaliation against any person who submits good faith information about actual or suspected violations.

All submissions may be made on an anonymous basis and all submissions will be treated with confidentiality. Although all correspondence may be submitted anonymously, providing your name may be beneficial to the investigation. If your contact information is provided, you should expect acknowledgement of your submission within 5 business days. E-mail submissions will be automatically be forwarded to all independent members of the Board of Directors and the Corporate Secretary.

When reporting a suspected violation, please include details such as:

  • Nature of occurrence
  • Time
  • Location
  • Names of individuals involved

Since investigations of alleged violations involve complex legal matters, it is important that you do not conduct your own investigation. Acting on your own may compromise the integrity of the investigation and adversely affect both you and the Company.

Submissions may be made to the following independent directors:

John Walker
61 Raymar Place
Oakville, ON L6J 6M1

Paul Larkin
910-885 Dunsmuir S
Vancouver, BC V6C 1N5

Roy Mink
22088 S Cave Bay
Worley, ID 83876
United States

Direct E-Mail to all independent directors and the Corporate Secretary:


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